BIRTHFIT Prenatal & Postpartum Boxes

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. However, you’ve got to order today or tomorrow, so that you can get the BIRTHFIT Box by Mother’s Day!
These boxes are rad. And our friends over at PaleoByMaileo have put everything together for us. Both boxes have quality products that will help nourish mama’s body and soul.
Here’s just a few of the awesome products found in either boxes:
  • Caveman Coffee – A Colombian dark roast is a signature, post-roast blend of single origin beans. Yes, some of us can drink a little coffee during pregnancy, including partner, so why not make it a quality source of beans?
  • ORIGINAL Nutritionals Fish Oil- Pure, clean, and essential, this fish oil lipid formula delivers EPA and DHA in a delicious and highly bioavailable format. “This is the only liquid fish oil that I enjoy taking.” – Lindsey Mathews
  • PHAT Fudge– A high performance “goo pack” made with real ingredients to support you nutritionally throughout the day. Each ingredient is deliberate, aiming to provide instant and sustained energy, focus, memory, combat inflammation, and acts as a natural thermogenic. Hello, labor and delivery!
  • Epic Venison Bar– This bar is based on a simple recipe that allows the natural flavor of deer meat to shine bright and true. A tribute to the “classic” venison jerky recipe, this bar will teleport your taste buds to a unique carnivore experience and make it easier for you to consume a wholesome protein often not found in the grocery store!
  • Pulse Skin Care Charcoal Bar– Start your recovery as soon as you shower! This luscious bar harnesses the power of Ginger Root and Ginger essential oils to aid in muscle recovery and to help ease muscle soreness. Sounds dreamy for just about every pregnant mama ;)


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