I Am Ready

Birth is an athletic event mamas need to train for.  Just like an olympian trains four years or a marathon runner puts in hours of preparation. Training for birth should be a priority.  The most ideal method? … Utilizing the four pillars (Fitness, Nutrition, Chiropractic, and Mindset).

Having experienced two births prior to becoming a BIRTHFIT Regional Director, I could wholeheartedly agree with the concept of training for birth.  My first two pregnancies, I trained regularly doing crossfit with modification as necessary.  I went to the chiropractor and good nutrition was high priority. However, Mindset was lacking.  I did not have an overwhelming feeling of empowerment about MY upcoming birth nor was I putting enough thought into postpartum planning.  I anticipated the arrival of my babies, attended a birthing class at the hospital and educated myself through reading and asking questions but, that MINDSET (described above) was missing.  

I had never heard of BIRTHFIT until after my second child was born.

BIRTHFIT entered my life (insert all the heart eyes!)  I loved everything about the BIRTHFIT movement, empowering women, supporting choices and encouraging mamas to feel confident about taking charge of their amazing bodies!  It has been incredible to train women in their prenatal and postpartum journeys.  As a coach, to watch the empowerment build in those I am training is nothing short of amazing.  They are eager to take on birth,  willing to practice embracing the postpartum chapter and they are a part of a supportive TRIBE.

I have seen how much the four pillars have impacted other mothers and now I get to personally experience the four pillars with my third pregnancy.

I am grateful.

I am excited.

I feel ready for birth and postpartum more than I did with my previous pregnancies.  

Adding MINDSET into my birth training has been a game changer.  I have (MUCH) more intention when I get my fitness on, stronger mind + body connection, and I am overall more mindful in life and training for birth.  I am using the BIRTHFIT Online Prenatal Coaching, which is phenomenal.  If I hit a “wall” or become distracted while training, I catch myself thinking, “I am going to hit some walls during labor and delivery and I will need to push through this mental block.”  I can regroup, check in with myself and continue on.

This pregnancy has allowed me to more fully appreciate the four pillars of BIRTHFIT and how critical each one is in preparing for birth.  Fear does not have to be something we associate with birth.  Training for birth like it’s your job will combat fear and you will feel empowered in mind, body and spirit.  




Jess Brown


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