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It can be argued that there are only two different emotions: love and fear. Feelings of happiness, joy, compassion, and empathy all come from a place of love; whereas anger, guilt, shame, jealousy, and inadequacy all stem from fear. And unfortunately, when it comes to conception, birth, and motherhood, advice we receive and our own thoughts tend to be fear-based.


How many of you base your choices regarding pregnancy or labor on fears? Do you focus on the scary details, the anxiety, the worry surrounding the decision? Do you feel consumed by what could go wrong or possibly why you should or shouldn’t make a particular choice? For example, did you make the decision to have a hospital birth because you’re afraid of what could go wrong with birth outside that setting, or because you find a hospital birth to be the most beautiful and loving place to birth your baby?


When we center our birthing decisions and our lives on what could go wrong or how little we have (strength, confidence, support, money, etc.), these decisions are coming from a place of fear. We leave no room for chance or possibilities. On the other hand, when we put our attention on how plentiful our lives are, how we trust our body’s abilities and the birth process, or how much we have to give to the world, we are coming from a place of love.


How amazing would our world be if we all came from a place of love? If we chose to be incredibly intentional with everything we do, and always based our decisions and actions on the positives of what could be? Doesn’t just the thought bring peace to your heart?


It takes a lot of practice to see the good in every decision, but once you do, once you release yourself of doubt, shame, or regret, how free you will be to create whatever it is you want to create! Like everything, it requires practice. Practice quieting the voices in our heads and around you that say “You can’t do it” or “You’re not good enough” or “What if I fail?”. But what if you can? What if you succeed?


World famous author R. M. Drake said, “How beautiful it is to live in a world where nothing lasts forever. We must learn to fall in love with the love inside ourselves, only then is every moment living worth dying for.”  How profoundly true and inspiring.



Choose love.

Chelsea Craig MK, ATC LAT




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