Pregnancy and Postpartum Movement Suggestions for CF Games Open 17.4



55 Deadlifts (155)

55 Wall Balls (14)

55 Cal Row



Think of this as continuous work for thirteen minutes. Move through the list of movements intentionally and get through what you can. If you don’t get through all movements, don’t sweat it.



If you are in your first or second trimester, pick a load that you can confidently do 10-12 reps in a row. This may be 155lbs or it may not be, and that’s okay. Choose a load that you can move through 8-10 reps at a time, so that you can get through the set of 55 in 5-8 sets.

As you move through the 55 reps, be sure to set the barbell down and take three breaths after each set of 8-10. Take three inhales through your nose and out through your open mouth. These are cleansing breaths.


Alternate rep schemes you may want to consider:




If you are 35 weeks or more, then this is a time to think DELOAD. We’d advise to stick to a load that you can perform 15-20 reps in a row. Break these reps up into 5-7 comfortable sets with cleansing breaths between each effort.

If you are 6 weeks to 6 months postpartum, this is not a time to go heavy. This is a time to stay focused on your recovery and rehab. We advise you to stay below 50% of your 1RM, or choose a load that you could do 20 reps at comfortably.


Wall Balls

Pick a load that you can do 15-20 wall balls in a row. This may or may not be 14lbs. Just like the deadlifts, you want to move efficiently through the set of 55 by taking 15-20 reps initially and then three cleansing breaths. The following rep schemes may be a set of ten, eight, seven, or even fives


Rowing for calories takes a lot of drive through the legs. This does not mean you need to yank the chain and pull the handles all the way to your face!


Rowing 55 calories might take the average fit female 2mins and 30sec if she’s moving fast (that’s about one calorie per stroke or 10 cals every 30sec). We recommend you maintain an average of 10 calories every 45-60 seconds to ensure that you are moving at a pace you can keep for all 55 calories.


If you are in your first trimester, keep proper form rowing. Heels down the entire time, slight lay back (do not lean back past 45 degrees), knees tracking over toes.


If you are in your second or third trimester, form may change due to a baby bump. Heels still stay down the entire time, no lay back (keep your shoulders over your hips when you come to the end of each stroke, do not lean back), knees may come into what looks like a squat to make room for baby bump. This is only OK if you can keep your heels down during every stroke.  (If you cannot maintain this, then we suggest taking shorter pulls and maintaining the integrity of your range of motion.)



If you are in your first or second trimester, HSPUs should only be done if you have years of experience being inverted and know what you are doing upside down. You know who you are. We will always prefer strict HSPUs over kipping as it requires more strength and body control. However, we realize that the volume of HSPU is a little on the higher side, so a controlled kip may be necessary.

If you do not have more than a year with HSPUs and/or your kipping HSPU are sloppy and lack control, then please do not attempt

them. Stick with dumbbell strict press either in the seated or standing position. Choose a lad that you can do 8-12 reps in a row. This may be 15lb dumbbells or as much as 30lb dumbbells. Be sure to take three cleansing breaths between each set of HSPUs or strict presses.

Remember, the CrossFit Open is a time for community and fun. It is not a time for a pregnant or immediate postpartum (less than 6 months) woman to be pushed outside of her comfort zone. This is a time to focus on breath, intentional movement, and enhancing overall wellbeing.



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