Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy: A Quintessential Connection

A Quintessential Connection

At BIRTHFIT, chiropractic care is one of our four main pillars and we believe it is essential to a better pregnancy,birth and postpartum experience. As a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and postpartum care, I usually get many confused looks about how chiropractic care can help moms have a safer, healthier and happier pregnancy, birth, and immediate postpartum period. Here are just a few key reasons why I think chiropractic care supports the motherhood transition so well.

From the knowledge I have gained from one of the most experienced  pregnancy based chiropractors in the world Jeanne Ohm. I focus on the THREE P’s of pregnancy: Power, Passenger and Passageway, these three elements are crucial to a more direct birth.


Power of the Uterus

As a chiropractor I focus on the nervous system, the master system of the body, it connects every cell, tissue, muscle and organ of the body allowing you to function at your optimal potential. The nerves the control the uterus are located in your lower back (lumbar spine) and my goal is to ensure that there is no nerve interference in this area. Allowing your uterus to function as it was designed to.

Your little Passenger

Ideally we would love every baby to get into the best position for labor; however, there are occasions where baby is in a breech position (bum down). This can make for a more complicated birth as many ObGyns are no longer trained in vaginal breech deliveries while in medical school. Finding a chiropractor who specializes in the Webster Technique is key in a situation such as this. The Webster technique is designed to decrease intrauterine constraint and may allow baby to get into a better position for birth.

Passageway or the Pelvic Inlet/Outlet

Moms may have slight misalignments or as we say subluxations in their pelvis which decrease the space in which baby can grow and can make things uncomfortable for mama. With gentle and specific adjustments, a Chiropractor can make sure your pelvis is moving and functioning optimally allowing room for baby to grow and make more more comfortable.


This is why chiropractic care and pregnancy are a quintessential connection. Finding a chiropractor that is familiar with pregnancy care and can truly focus on the THREE Ps of Pregnancy can help you have a more straightforward and direct pregnancy leading to an overall safer, healthier and happier birth!

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  • I love this blog!!!
    I tell my mommas all the time…. by week 19-20, baby’s primitive reflexes are totally programmed. ATNR and Galant (and others) are 100% related to baby finding the positioning for an optimal birth. The reflexes become what allow survivability upon delivery :) Mommas and babies are so programmed for this amazingness!

    This is 100% reliant upon mommas mind-body connection which chiropractic helps to optimize… GREAT BLOG!

    Way to represent BIRTHFIT Roaring Fork Valley. I am totally going to look up where that is!

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