Elevate Your Consciousness Through Your Breath

Chances are you’ve seen our Instagram pages or Facebook posts with some serious mamas-to-be pushing around heavy weights or showcasing their amazing physical strengths. We draw you in with these portrayals of incredible exterior strength and physicality; however, this is only a small aspect of what is important to us. It is not our intention to do a bait and switch, but we know these photos are like magnetic forces to the eyes. The four pillars BIRTHFIT stands on are in no particular order; though mindset is listed last,  but is not least important. (All four pillars are of equal import, but that’s a discussion for another blog post.)

In our weekly Regional Director trainings, we’ve been talking a lot about conscious decision making. It sounds a bit redundant, but in reality we go through much of our day – and therefore our life – making decisions without a single thought for ourselves, our unborn child(ren), and our babies. The impact of such thoughtlessness has significant negative side-effects on our hearts, minds, and bodies as well as our offspring.

Take for instance something as simple as breath.  Breathing is done without much thought continuously throughout each day. What if you started there and became more intentional with this simple, yet vital, task? How would this translate to the rest of your day and life?

Take a deep breath. Where do you feel yourself rising? Did your chest rise? Your shoulders? Did you allow your belly to rise or expand? I’m going to take a pretty accurate guess that your shoulders went upwards towards your ears and your ribcage and chest expanded. Let’s thank our society for this one, ladies. Our suck-it-in-to-be-thin mentality has inhibited our ability to breathe properly. But when we take a conscious role in breathing, utilizing our diaphragm, we access areas deep within our trunk that may not have been previously accessed. 

Believe it or not you have a choice in the matter. In all matters for that fact. When you choose to consciously and intentionally align yourself to properly breathe you are deepening your strengths and abilities physically and spiritually.

As I said earlier, this level of consciousness translates to your fetus and child or children. When you consciously choose to take a more intentional role in your own life, starting with how you simply breathe, these feelings and thoughts are transferred like incredible super radio waves to your baby, born or unborn.


Chelsea Craig MK, ATC, LAT




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