A Violinist Recovers Like a Professional

I’ve been working with a violinist recently. This woman is now 35 weeks pregnant. Just like an individual who trains for an 800m race or a weightlifting meet or the CrossFit Games, shel trains for her unique performance as a classical violinist. And she is damn good at what she does.
I will add that she is freaking dedicated and talented. I have the utmost respect for people that live out their passion and shine light into this world. This beautiful individual may never deadlift with me in the gym, but without a doubt, she can and has chosen to be BIRTHFIT throughout her motherhood transition.

During her first visit, we noticed some glaring asymmetries within her trunk. If you Google photos of violinist, you will see, just like in any other specialty, that how an individual practices and performs will lead to movement compensation patterns and asymmetries. That’s expected.

I will not go into her particular case, but I will say that we have done a ton of work utilizing the Logan Basic chiropractic technique, minimal and intentional MLS style chiropractic adjustments, diaphragm breathing exercises, and DNS rehab exercises that I have learned from some brilliant mentors. Had I limited myself to one technique or approach, or employed a fixed mindset that some practitioners in our world have, I do not believe that this woman would have made the progress that she has in such a short period of time. She can now breathe functionally and perform the shinbox flow without pain, and – the most important measure of all for her – she can play in a huge concert this coming weekend.

The point of me telling this story is that we all have compensation patterns and asymmetries. You do not have to be a professional athlete to recover like one. Be a damn professional at life. Embrace the BIRTHFIT four pillars. Create a practice and evolve daily.


Lindsey Mathews, DC




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