Stop Playing Catch Up

There is this common language that gets tossed around about needing to get “caught up.” I would like to take this moment to put that in the same category as “perfection.” I have been reflecting on this over the past few weeks as the first month of this New Year has come to an end, exciting changes are happening in our business world, and our one-year-old continues to party through the night (bonus reflection time, perhaps?)!
Much like perfection, “caught up” is this unattainable goal that completely distracts us from the present and robs us of enjoying the journey. It would also mean complacency with no drive to strive for more. Is that really your goal? There is a difference between caught up and satisfied. So, instead of focusing on this unattainable notion; nourish, plan, and slow the hell down. Here are a few ways that help to slow me down: 

  • Get a journal. Write down your priorities and give time to them weekly or daily. Making a schedule for yourself is very beneficial in meeting your true goals.
  • Meditate. Your breath connects the physical with the non-physical. You will enjoy your surroundings more because you will be present and in control of your response to uncontrollable situations. Headspace is an easy (and free) app for beginners!
  • Move. Movement is life and physical activity releases all those feel good endorphins so you will reap physical and mental benefits. Yes, even when it is cold outside, MOVE. If you are having issues with moving, find a local chiropractor that you can trust to restore motion to your joints and address any soft tissue problems you are having.
  • Nourish. Fuel your body with real, nourishing food. You will have more energy, less inflammation and when your gut is healthy it has a positive impact on your brain health. Win, win.

If you are driven, like myself, with all that is going on around us you can be easily swept up in letting things happen to you instead of taking actions for yourself. Take time to love yourself and give yourself grace.

As someone who self-admittedly can get pretty damn excited when the cart is in front of the horse, I encourage you to enjoy the journey. Enjoy the slow-down and let it become practice to nourish your body and soul. As I tell the boys each morning, “You Do You!”


– Dr. Erica Boland, DC




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