BIRTHFIT Doula Seminar: February 2017 in Kansas City and Dallas

dou-la: a woman who serves

BIRTHFIT doula: a woman or man empowered and educated to live a BIRTHFIT lifestyle; working to support a woman through her own BIRTHFIT lifestyle and guide her to take an ACTIVE role in her pregnancy

The BIRTHFIT Doula Seminar is happening at four different locations throughout the United States in 2017.  The workshop will take place in two locations in the early spring- Dallas and Kansas City. SIGN UP NOW

We are thrilled to bring you this information, as it has been in the making for quite some time. The information presented in this three day workshop is based on our knowledge and experience as women’s health practitioners, doulas, coaches, and mothers. 

BIRTHFIT is founded on four distinct pillars: fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset. As a team, we each operate in our daily lives with the four pillars as our foundation. Through constantly evolving ourselves within each of the four pillars not only do we allow ourselves to operate at a higher level as a doula, but we provide guidance to the woman so that she can have an authentic birth experience. 

BIRTHFIT Doula Seminar Objectives: 

  1. Learn and Integrate the BIRTHFIT lifestyle into your daily life. 
  2. Discover leadership tools so that you may be a role model for your community. 
  3. Gain experience and knowledge surrounding functional, innate movements that will support any woman – both during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. 
  4. Explore and create methods to support a mother on her journey. 
  5. Advocate for the BIRTHFIT movement and join in changing the birth world in your city, our country, and across the globe. 

The BIRTHFIT Doula Seminar is not a certified doula training program. In fact, we require that you are already a certified doula. This workshop will not only advance your skills as a doula but also enhance your lifestyle. To sign up click on the photo above or the BIRTHFIT Doula Workshop link below. 

Format: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday (please plan accordingly) 

Price: $299 

The BIRTHFIT Doula Seminar occurs at various times and locations throughout the year and led by members of our BIRTHFIT Doula Team. 



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