BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar February 10-12th

BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar

This seminar is a strength and conditioning seminar for those that work with pregnant and postpartum athletes. This is ideal for coaches, personal trainers, and anyone that works with women in the fitness world.

A ton of information has been compacted down into three full days. The next BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar will be February 10-12, 2017. The seminar will be from 9am to 6pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Seminar participants will discover birth history in America and how it relates to the present state of birth in our country. Participants will gain a better understanding of anatomy and physiology as it relates to a woman, her cycle, conception, pregnancy, and postpartum. We will explore the origins of BIRTHFIT and how transferable and relatable everything is in life. We will dive deep into developmental kinesiology, breath work, and our principles around the term “core”. (Yes, we discuss diastasis rectus abdominis and pelvic floor issues.) Participants will take a movement journey with us through different stages of pregnancy and postpartum, while also discovering movement and programming options to enhance the wellbeing of a pregnant or postpartum woman. We will explore the phrase “active birth” and relate the power of positions. We close out the weekend with a Queen In Training discussion and what exactly what it takes to be a BIRTHFIT certified coach.

We are leading the way for educating and empowering women in movement and lifestyle.

Join the BIRTHFIT tribe!

To register, click on any of the images on this page. Limited space available and early bird pricing increases on February 1st.


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