Anxious in the Second Trimester

OMG, I feel like I should be doing something right now. Is anyone else getting that feeling in their second trimester?!


Ok, not exactly like training or exercise or household things, but as I cruise through this second trimester (which, for those of you that remember, it’s an “easier” kind of time!),  I’m grateful that I’m feeling really good overall, but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something. Like I should be doing more right now in my pregnancy to prepare for birth or the immediate postpartum, pregnancy-wise.


I’m pretty sure I’ve bugged my ObGyn,my doula, and my chiropractor about things I need to be working towards/doing/prepping a bazillion times. Their collective response? Chill out a bit and enjoy this awesome phase of pregnancy.


Don’t get me wrong, please… I’m enjoying the heck out of not being nauseous, being able to train in the gym, and sleeping the extra hours required when growing a human.  However, I can’t help but feel like I’ve forgotten something, or am missing a piece, that I should be working on.


Let’s recap together: what is there to do around weeks 20-25 of pregnancy?

  • Nailing down birth preferences, providers, locations
  • Going through birth plan worksheets with partner
  • Setting up a postpartum plan
  • Practicing daily getting comfortable in my own body
  • Meditating, breathing, practicing awareness daily


Phew, it’s actually kind of a lot, right?! I went into this pregnancy already prepared for a lot –  I was already living a BIRTHFIT LIFESTYLE. Court and I are total planners and had discussed the reality of a VBAC, the hospital, and what WE wanted as a couple. I knew I had the BIRTHFIT tribe supporting me, too – rockstars that they are. I knew who my doula would be, and knew that we also would have Skylar’s godmother, who is the best L&D nurse ever, on our team.


I have known what I wanted and have continued to visualize, meditate, prepare, and plan accordingly .


Now, let’s be fair – I’m doing plenty. Not only am I chasing a toddler and running my chiropractic practice, I’m training 3-5 days per week, and attempting to keep my house somewhat organized. More specific to pregnancy, I’m spending a minute or two each day jotting down a note about this little dude and how I feel in my pregnancy journal. I’m drinking some pregnancy tea here and there. I’m breathing intentionally. I’m doing the same work that my BIRTHFIT Prenatal class is doing – 2 minute drills daily, worksheets, creating a birth mission statement. And, now that we know we are having a baby boy, I’m in a mild sort of nesting mode. I’m totally planning his room, prepping his big sister, and bonding with these little kicks and wiggles.


What to do with this antsy, anxious feeling that is super common?  A little five to ten minute breathing to start, Mama. If that doesn’t ease the nerves, then I find myself grabbing one of the many birth-related books that are a constant on my shelf (Ina May, especially!), or taking myself through a quick visualization of labor and birth or a guided meditation-relaxation via HeadSpace or another app. And finally, I have not forgotten to connect with our little dude. I’ve been taking a few moments to talk out loud to him and make sure he knows how loved he is (big sister always helps with that!). I continue to let him know what’s coming in a few months.


For now, I will acknowledge all that I am doing through consistent practice. And I will say a thousand times a day if I must – I am enough! And, that gives me a sense of doing – ahhhhhh.



Dr. Jamie





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