Respect Your Uterus

Lately, my girlfriends and I have been discussing uterine health and the soul power of being a woman. Now, my girlfriends are not hippies, but modern women that lead unique lifestyles. One of my closest girlfriends is a Top Chef, the other plans amazing parties in Vegas for Tao, and the token blonde of the bunch runs two companies. These women are busy, utilize technology on the regular, and really have no time for bullshit. (Listen Here). 


My girlfriends know and love what I do: BIRTHFIT. They are always eager to find out about my days and what new things I’ve researched and/or learned from my many seminars. We often meet for coffee and discuss everything from monogamy, working out, business questions, and now, more recently, uterine health. In fact, we even decided to record our coffee talk sessions to share with those that want to listen.


My studies involve energy healing and work as much as they do science, research, experience, and evidence. I like to think that I’m a pleasant blend of hippie and science dork, librarian meets rockstar, or soccer player embracing ballerina. Through it all, my intuition has guided me and my inner compass has never steered me wrong. I may have learned a few tough lessons along the way, but my inner compass always directed me to get out of my head and into my body to find the light. You get the idea.


Wild Feminine, a book by Tami Kent, is something I’ve read recently and really resonated with me. She talks about this energy that women have with the epicenter being at the uterus and the root chakra. Being the science dork and athlete that I am, I know that my center of gravity is slightly lower than males, and I also know that my hips don’t lie. I know there is a power source deep down in pelvic bowl. No one has ever told me that, but my intuition led me to believe in my wild feminine.


Bringing this back to my grown ass women friends and our recent conversation on uterine health: one of my girlfriends recently had a huge fibroid removed. Not only did she come see me for therapy before and after the procedure, but I referred her to someone that does abdominal and uterine massage. Our goal was to keep the energy flowing and blood circulating as well as maintaining pelvic joint integrity and stability.


Your uterus is a major energy source within your body, whether you’ve realized it or not. It is the center for female power. It is where life is created and where life grows. The uterus sits within your pelvic bowl, or pelvic cavity, suspended by ligaments. The pelvic floor muscles are below, the diaphragm is above, the bladder is in front, and the rectum is in back.


Take a moment to visualize your own uterus/power center. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Place your hands on your lower abdomen. You can do this pregnant, postpartum, and even prior to conception. Just breathe. Take some big breaths into your lower abdominal cavity. Play with your breaths. Send your breath to one side or the other. Breathe all the way into your lower sacrum and perineum. Open this area up, and send fresh oxygen and love to this area. Do this for ten minutes and just bring awareness to your root.


The uterus, within the pelvic cavity, is a huge power source. As an athlete, you know that we get a ton of power when we learn to use our hips. Think about power cleans, stones to shoulder, box jumps, or anything gymnastic related on the pull-up bar or rings. The power is in the hips, and more specifically the uterus. It’s time we became acquainted with ourselves and our source of power again. It’s time we touch ourselves. It’s time we respect the uterus.






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