August 2016: Online Coaching (15)

Warm Up

Posture and Breath

I want to introduce you to the ‘J’ Breath. This is used to breathe baby down and this is a great example. Try it for a few minutes today.

The Functional Progression

FP1 x 10

FP2 x 10

FP3 x 10



For Quality

60s Chest Opener

10 Each Shoulder Activations

60s Lat Stretch Each Side 




We focus on pull ups and dips today. The goal would be to do each set strict and unbroken. If you can easily do each set, then add a little weight such as a chain or a dumbbell between your legs. If you know you will have difficulty completing each set, then utilize bands for both the pull ups and dips and really focus on the negatives (coming or lowering down).


Strict Pull-Ups

Ring Dips



Today’s focus is a mono-structural conditioning day because we have not had one in a while. Pick one of the movements/activities below. The idea is to move at about 50-70% of your intensity and find an almost meditative pace for a longer period of time (think about labor).  For the sled pull, this must be a WALK with the weight dragging behind you.

2k Row

20 Min Swim

30 Minute Jog

1 Mile Sled Pull (25-60lbs)

45 Minute Walk



You can complete the accessory before you do the conditioning if that is more convenient.

3 x 12 Dumbbell Rollbacks



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