August 2016: Online Coaching (12)

August 21, 2016
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Warm Up

Posture and Breath

Draw your attention to your Posture and Breath. Take 5-10 minutes to breathe. Sit on a block, stand proud, or lie completely flat on your back. Check-in with yourself. Start to bond with your baby and send energy to your pelvic bowl that is housing your baby. 


The Functional Progression

The Functional Movement Progression is a series of movements that we use to support and train natural movement patterns at the most fundamental level.

FP1 x 10 Each Side

FP2 x 10 Each Side

FP3 x 10 Each Side

This is a great opportunity to tune into your body and notice what is going side to side, lower back, upper back, and especially hips.


For Quality

Today’s quality has sumo stance box squats. The strength portion is a conventional stance box squat. This is programmed to really wake up and get those hamstrings firing.

2 Rounds:

2 Minutes Deep Straddle Stretch

10 Good Mornings

10 Empty Bar Sumo Stance Box Squat




The Box Squat (see video above) is an excellent movement to engage the posterior chain, when done correctly. Please watch the video and practice with an empty barbell at least twenty reps before adding any weight. Ankles, shins, and knees stay in line the whole time. Your booty initiates the movement.

A bonus is to think about speed. The weight should be light enough in which you can be fast out of the bottom of a squat. Use 50-60% of your 1RM if you know it.

12 x 2 Conventional Stance Box Squats

*Perform two reps every 45 seconds.



Rest as much as you need after the strength portion. Then, perform our baseline workout today. This workout is short, sweet, and to the point. If you are rowing and not running right now, then row 500m instead of a 400m run. If you have DRA or 25 weeks or further, then perform elevated push ups. The intention of this workout is to go through the list of movements with a little urgency while staying at 70-80% of your perceived exertion. When you are done, make note of your time, but also make note how each movement felt.

Complete the following for time:

400m Run (or 500m Row) 

30 Alternating Walking Lunges

25 Squats

15 (Elevated) Push-Ups

10 Rows


3 Rounds:

10 Glute Bridges

10 Right Glute Bridges

10 Left Glute Bridges

*Rest as needed.


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