August 2016: Online Coaching (12)

August 19, 2016



Warm Up

Posture and Breath

Spend 10 minutes breathing today. Any position you are comfortable in.

The Functional Progression

Complete 20 reps of Functional Progression 2 on each side.


For Quality…

2 Rounds:

8 Windmills Each Side

30 Banded Rows



Warm up appropriately. These sets are meant to be challenging but capable. Rest as needed between efforts.


3 x 8 BB Bent Over Row

3 x 20 Elevated Push Ups



60-80% intensity through this workout. Pick a dumbbell that is medium-heavy (20-50lbs). Your choice on the row or bike. Have fun. I love this one.

Complete 4 Rounds:

25’ Bear Crawl

12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches

25’ Bear Crawl

12 Cal Row or Bike




3 x 50 Banded Pull Aparts


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