August 2016: Online Coaching (8)

August 12, 2016

Warm Up

Posture and Awareness

Two-Minute Drill. You learned this yesterday. So, forget about everything and just breathe for two minutes.


The Functional Progression

FP 2 x 20 Each Side


For Quality…

15 Inverted Rows

4 Overhead Walking Lunges (Warm Up)

60s Lizard Stretch




The conditioning is pretty long and shoulder intensive. Please be mindful and treat your body accordingly. Please do one or two warm up sets before getting into these working sets. Go as heavy as you can be successful for all three sets.


3 x 8 DB Incline Bench




This should be at 65-75% intensity with the focus on QUALITY. Use a weight for dumbbells in which you can keep your rib cage stack on top of your pelvis and your elbows locked out pressing above your head. Strict Pull-ups or ring rows are fine for this workout. The elevated push ups should be done at a height in which you can maintain a straight line with your body and still make contact with your chest at the bottom. Please keep your elbows next to your rib cage. If you know you have DRA, then you need to be extra awareness to the entire body moving as one to an elevated destination (bench, box, stack of plates, etc). Make an effort to rest between rounds rather than during movements. Have fun!

6 Rounds:

12 Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunges

6 Strict Pull Ups or Ring Rows

4 Elevated Push Ups



3 x 12 Tate Press

(this is going to be lighter)


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