August 2016: Online Coaching (4)

August 5th, 2016
Meet Dr. Liz of BIRTHFIT Missoula. As you get to know our team, you will find that she very rarely talks but when she does is super insightful. Enjoy.


Warm Up


Posture and Intention

Spend 3-5 minutes focusing on breath. Perhaps today you working on expanding the rib cage with each inhale. This will bring some oxygen and fresh blood to those intercostal muscles (between your ribs). Yum!


The Functional Progression

Today’s focus is on FP3. We really need to warm  up the midline and shoulders. Play with your shoulder joints and move around. The shoulder is so complex. It really is a multi-joint complex: the scapulo-thoracic articulation, the glenuhumeral situation, the AC joint where the acromion meets the clavicle, and the SC joint where the sternum meets the clavicle. Yea. Whoa! Mouth full of words. Just bring some awareness to the shoulder and mid back area today.


For Quality…

2 Rounds:

10 Wall Angeles

8 DB Seated Strict Press

60s Banded Lat Stretch and Chest Opener






This is all about maintaining those postural endurance muscles. This is all about the midline. Take the front rack hold with a barbell from the rack position. Distribute weight evenly throughout feet. Squeeze your booty, no really squeeze it;) Then, stack your rib cage directly on top of your pelvis. Ideally, your elbows are pointing out from ninety degrees while at the same time your chest is up (without rib cage flare) and directly on top of pelvis. This is the goal. Remember, we are always evolving. You can take a warm up effort or two before getting into your four rounds. You may also change the weight throughout the drill. Be sure to take loads you know you will make and rest 60s between rounds.


4 Rounds:

20s Front Rack Hold (halfway through video)

3 Shoulder to Overhead

-Rest 60s-




This is a little grinder and you got to stay mentally in it.You may choose to use dumbbells, kettlebells, or a barbell from the rack for the CURTIS P movement. Choose a load that you could do 2-3 in a row before needing a break. For OVERHEAD HOLD + WALK, choose a plate, a med ball, dumbbells, anything that you can hold overhead for 100′ walk (50′ out and back).

Complete the Following: 


Curtis P






Accessory work is done at your pace for QUALITY. Go as heavy as you can maintain control and form.

2 Rounds

50 Banded Pull-A-Part

10 DB Roll Backs



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