August 2016: Online Coaching (3)

August 4, 2016

Warm Up


Posture and Awareness


The Functional Progression

Perform 10 reps of FP1, FP2, FP3 on each side.


For Quality…

2 Rounds:

10 Barbell Good Mornings

60s Squat Therapy

10 Each Banded Glute Warm Up

60s Modified Pigeon Each Side




The back squats today should feel medium heavy and intensity. Warm up with the empty barbell. Then, put on a little weight and do five. Perhaps add a little more weight and do five again or complete the first set of ten. Wait about 2-3 minutes between sets. Be sure to take a fresh breath with each squat. Time under tension is really great training.


10-10-10 Back Squats


Our aerobic capacity has got to there just as much as the anaerobic capacity. Once a week a long row (or run or bike) will be thrown in the mix. Ideally, you have two longer time domain days in your weekly training just to build that aerobic capacity. We will do one of the aerobic training days here. Maybe over the weekend go for a 4-6 mile walk or 3-4 mile hike. Think slow and steady. Today is a row. Enjoy!



1K Moderate Pace (60%)

250M Increased Intensity (80-90%)

750M Moderate Pace

200M Increased Intensity

500M Moderate Pace

150M Increased Intensity



For some this works; for others it does not. However, it is a great booty accessory exercise. If it does not work for you, then finish with one legged glute bridges (3 x 10 Each).


2 x 3 Minutes Banded Marching




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