July 2016: Programming for the Pregnant Athlete (7)

July 12

mantra- i am woman. i am strong.

Warm Up

Posture and Awareness. Use the mantra above to flow with your breath today. Inhale (I am) and exhale (woman). Do the same for I am strong. Do each phrase for a minimum of 10 breaths. You may be standing or seated.


The Functional Progression- go through the full progression 5-10 reps. Then, let’s spend some time to focus on Part 3 . Complete 10-15 reps of each level becoming more comfortable and aware of the movement and then 10-20 extra reps at Part 3.


For Quality

3 Rounds:

20 Banded Pull-Aparts

10 Inverted Rows

60s Chest Opener




You want to be warmed up for this particular drill. You want to be at 50% of 1RM or a weight that you feel like you could do for 10 reps. You are doing 9 sets of 3 every 45 seconds. Please alternate between narrow, wide, and conventional grip.


9 x 3 Incline Bench



This is designed to get you moving at about 60-70% intensity and stay moving. There is no bursts of power like yesterday’s training. Be intentional with movement. The front rack lunges can be done with a barbell, dumbbells, or kettlebells. Please choose a weight that you could do at least the first two rounds unbroken, without taking a break in the middle. For the overhead carry, use a plate or two dumbbells or two kettlebells. Obviously, a plate will be easier than two dumbbells, but it’s up to you and your energy level todayJ You make this as hard or not-so hard as you want.


6 Rounds

50’ Front Rack Walking Lunge

100’ Overhead Carry Walk


2 Rounds

50 Banded Tricep Extensions

20 Dumbbell Side Obliques (10 each)


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