July 2016: Programming for the Pregnant Athlete (6)

July 10, 2016
Have you started to think about a game bag? We encourage all couples to get a game bag together, even if they are birthing at home. You want to have your things with you at the birth center or hospital so that you are comfortable and can feel safe being your self while labor. Check out our list below and let us know if you have any questions.

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Warm Up


Posture and Awareness. Set your intention for this workout.


The Functional Progression- go through the full progression 5-10 reps. Then, let’s spend some time on Part 3 and 4. Complete 10-15 reps of each becoming more comfortable and aware of the movement.


For Quality

Move through this warm up with intention. Know the intention of each movement.

3 Rounds:

10 Each One-legged Deadlifts

60s Squat Therapy



This is going to be significantly less weight as compared to your back squat or deadlift. Spread your feet as if you were on railroad tracks, not a tightrope. Always stabilize and then make the next move. Warm up appropriately and only perform sets that you know you will complete.

8-8-8 Barbell Lunges



This is short and sweet. Try to do each movement unbroken and rest between movements if you need. Choose a weight for the kettlebell  that will allow you to do each set unbroken- challenging but doable.



Cal Assault Bike

Russian Kettlebell Swings



4 x 60s Wall Lunges


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