June 2016: Programming for the Pregnant Athlete (18)

June 30, 2016
Today is the last day of June training. I’d encourage you to take tomorrow off or go for a nice long walk. If not tomorrow, then definitely Saturday. You will have put in a lot of work by the end of today.


Posture and Breath. Find some music and set your clock for 5 minutes today. Set your intention.


The full Functional Progression. Perform 2 x 10 reps with opposite arm and leg on each side.


For Quality…

Remember this is a warmp-up. Work on position and seek awareness throughout your body.

See Video for Glute Activation Drills and perform 30 of each.



Go at your pace and do this for quality. Rest as much as you need and alter the weight throughout.

4 Rounds:

10 Single Leg KB Deadlift (5 each)

8 Goblet Squats



Choose a weight that is medium heavy for you. If you have done the workout ‘Grace’, then use a similar weight as you would use in ‘Grace’ today. If you need 2 minutes rest, then take it between movements. You may also take barbell from rack position if that is more comfortable. Work with the body you have today, mama.


Complete the following:

30 Shoulder to Overhead

-Rest 60s-

30 Front Squats

-Rest 60s-

30 Power Cleans



3 x 30 Banded Good Mornings


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