NOW AVAILABLE: Queen In Training Level 2

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Our Queen in Training Level 2 is for that next step in physically healing and rehabilitation post birth. This program is for the mom that has already completed the first edition of Queen in Training and is ideally around 6-12 weeks postpartum. In our dream world, every mother would complete Queen in Training Level 1, then participate in the BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series with her local Affiliate, then complete Queen in Training Level 2, and finally transition back into their gym or routine. We would love for each woman to come to us with an open heart, curiosity, and the motivation to be better.

However, in our real world, we often find that women did not find us soon enough, have already passed their childbearing years, or were just on a different path during pregnancy and the immediate postpartum period. We are telling you that you can start with us wherever you are at on your movement journey, especially during motherhood. We get that postpartum is not really a temporary thing. We also get movement. So start with us just as soon as our paths cross and you have the motivation to move with intention. (*Side note: Please start with the original Queen in Training before doing this eBook, as this will give you a solid foundation.)

We believe in functional, natural movement that starts with one’s breath. And we are eager to share our smart, intentional training with you. So, whether you are 12 weeks postpartum or 2 years postpartum, we are glad to have you.









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