June 2016: Programming for the Pregnant Athlete (9)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Posture and Breath. Find some music and set your clock for 5 minutes today. Set your intention.

Functional Progression Part 1. Perform 2 x 10 reps with opposite arm and leg on each side.

Functional Progression Part 2. Perform 2 x 10 reps on each side.

Functional Progression Part 3. Perform 2 x 10 reps with opposite arm and leg on each side.

PVC Warm-Up

Perform pass-throughs, windmills, and overhead squats for 10 reps. Rest, mobilize, and then repeat.

Optional: 6 x 50’ Standing Sled Pull. For weight, use an empty sled, one 45lb plate or two 45lb plates or three 45lb plates. Pick a load that doable for you. Rest as needed between sets.

Strength & Conditioning

Today, we are knocking out two birds with one stone;) Today is not for time or reps. We are focusing on quality of movement. Choose a weight for the seated strict press in which you can do all six reps in a row for the first round. You can break the set of six up for subsequent rounds. The overhead squats can come from the rack. Choose a weight that is 40-50% of 1RM; you should be able to do all 3 OHS in a row. The pul-to-stand can be scaled to how vertical you want to be. It is done at your comfort level.


Complete 10 rounds:

6 DB Seated Strict Press

3 Overhead Squats

2 Pull-to-Stand




60s Straddle Stretch

60s Each Side, Banded Lat Stretch


2 comments to " June 2016: Programming for the Pregnant Athlete (9) "
  • Janee

    32 weeks pregnant today. I started out with 55lb bb for the overhead squat, I did 4rds of that. Then went down to 45lb bb for the rest. My old wrist injury was really starting to hurt so going down in weight helped. I used 18lb kb for the strict press. Overall good workout. Still feeling really tired and trying to workout when I can.

    • Lindsey Mathews

      Occasionally during pregnancy, mamas will experience a little wrist tendonitis (carpel tunnel). Make sure to keep wrists mobile and ice if you need to or soak in warm water and epsom salt. Excellent work. This is a good workout but tough!

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