June 2016: Postpartum Programming Day 8

Belly Breathing & Posture Awareness. Perform 20 inhales to a count of eight and exhales to a count of ten. Fill up your belly with fresh oxygen and completely exhale cleansing your body of stale air. We are invigorating the system utilizing fresh oxygen.

Functional Progression Part 2- Modified. Slow and controlled, perform 25 reps on each side.
Ninety-Ninety. Let’s explore more core and posterior chain activation. Push down through your legs to initiate movement and then lift hips as if a string were pulling you from your hips.

5 x 5 Empty Barbell Back Squats. Integrate your breath and your movement.

The idea of today’s “workout” is to stay moving. Try to do the movements back to back and reset between rounds.
10 Rounds 
4 Wall Angeles
8 Alternating Walking Lunges 
*Rest as needed. 



Odd object hold overhead. Pick a weird object. It can be anything. And hold above your head. Try 6 sets of 30 seconds.



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