BIRTHFIT Online Programs for the Pregnant or Recovering Postpartum Athlete

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The women of BIRTHFIT live and breathe the power of community. We want you to experience that power through our online community. As you complete each workout, share your experience, your time, your feelings, your frustration, whatever you feel led to share. Give support to one another. Let’s become BIRTHFIT together.



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WHO: If you’re pregnant and you identify as an athlete, this is for you. If you are postpartum and choose to recover, rehab, and rebuild intentionally, then this is for you.

WHAT: Online group coaching with BIRTHFIT means you’ll be part of a group of other mamas around the world who want to support you and each other in the process of becoming BIRTHFIT. We train smart and intentional. BIRTHFIT programs for the pregnant or postpartum (athlete) woman.

WHEN: When you join our online group coaching, you will be signing up for programming that is presented four days a week or two to three days for postpartum training. The program is purchased as a whole package; no month to month options.

HOW:  Each workout will include some or all of the following: warm up, skill work, rehab, strength and/or a conditioning. The workouts will include links to BIRTHFIT videos to demonstrate proper form and movement pearls of wisdom. You’ll log in, read the workout, make time to complete the workout on your own, and then share about it in the comment section of the workout. Don’t forget #BIRTHFIT!

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