May 2016: Prenatal Programming Day 11

Prenatal Warm-Up 

How are you feeling today? Besides actual physical training, have you started to train your mind for labor and delivery? The mind is a very powerful tool. I want you to visualize your labor and delivery. I want you to actually put yourself in your home, birth center, or hospital where you will be birthing. See yourself laboring there. See yourself working hard, in the throws of labor, changing positions, breathing long exhales, and totally rocking it one contraction at a time. Spend your breathing time today doing this. Set a clock for 10 minutes.
BELLY BREATHING. You should start to feel more confident and comfortable with the belly breathing and checking in with yourself. We will always start with posture or breathing check-in, so please do not avoid this. It is for you. Set your timer on your phone for 5 minutes or count to 30 breaths.
Functional Progression Part 2-Modified. Perform 3 x 10 Each Side.
Bodyweight (Just You) Box Squats. Perform 3 x 20. These are done with just your body. No weight involved.

Ninety-Ninety. This drill can be difficult, especially if you do not squeeze and use your booty. Perform 10 reps on each side.

Squat Therapy. Spend 10-15 reps warming up your squat. On a few of the squats, I want you to hang out in the bottom for 60-90s and really open up those hips.


Good Mornings. If there is anything, I want you to get out of this movement today it is STRIPPER BOOTY. I’m dead serious. Throughout the good morning, you should feel like you are sticking your butt way out. There should be a lumbar spine curve and you should have a proud chest throughout the entirety of the movement. Warm up with an empty barbell. Go up in weight as you feel comfortable and still able to do the movement with exceptional form.

Perform 10 Good Mornings with conventional stance.

Perform 10 Good Mornings with right foot forward.

Perform 10 Good Mornings with left food forward.

Perform 10 Good Mornings with conventional stance.

Today is a mono-structural day. Pick one movement and just move for an extended period of time. We love sled pulls. We do these in the yard for shorter distances (50′ x 50′). Or, for longer distances we go out and take over the bike lane;) Below are some options:
12 x 100′ Sled Pulls (Heavier but able to keep torso upright)
1 Mile Sled Pull ( Less than 75lbs)
30 Minute Run
45 Minute Walk
20 Minute Row (Alternate between slow, medium, fast each minute)


Cat-Cow. I know some people say Cat-Camel, but for some weird reason I’ve always said Cat-Cow. Spend some time stretching and mobilizing after your longer conditioning. Perform 10 reps and take a break. Then, repeat. You can even make circles while in table top. Get comfortable in this position as this is super useful for labor, especially if you are experiencing back labor.



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  • Janee

    Good workout today. I used a 55lb barbell for the good mornings. They felt really good. For the conditioning i did 20min on the airdyne. Overall great workout! One rbing I have started to have come up is my very upper abdominals hurt a lot lately. They feel sore all the time, like I’ve done a million sit ups. My midwife said its just my muscles being pulled and stretched. Basically i think it sucks lol

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