The Best Women’s Fitness Community in Austin.

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This past Sunday Travis County Strength hosted The BIRTHFIT Workshop. This was a solid group of women and men. Everyone came together with an open mind and open heart to learn more about the BIRTHFIT way of life and how to integrate the BIRTHFIT philosophy into their daily lives, pregnant or not.
One of the biggest takeaways that I got, and continue to get, is that there is shit for postpartum care in our country.
Our BIRTHFIT team realizes that postpartum care and support starts with pregnancy. In fact, it starts preconception, but hey, no one is really there yet;) We understand that the way we nourish and move our bodies throughout pregnancy, during birth, and in the immediate two weeks postpartum have a significant effect on our healing and recovery during the first year. We also realize the effect that this period can have on us for the rest of our lives.
This is why we believe in the power of LIFESTYLE MEDICINE. I’m not sure where I first heard this term, but it’s a new, trendy term. Kind of like the word bliss in Los Angeles. Dr. Kelly Brogan talks about the power of lifestyle medicine in her book A Mind of Your Own, which is brilliant and every woman should read (and I will write a book review soon).
BIRTHFIT’s lifestyle medicine are the four pillars- Fitness, Nutrition, Chiropractic, and Mindset. These are important not only throughout pregnancy but in the postpartum period as well. During the workshop (and of course The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series), we talk about our TOP 7 Tips for the immediate postpartum period, the first two weeks. We actually take the time to discuss how women, their birth partners, and coaches can help enforce these top 7 tips… even if it means driving to the new mother’s house to bring her food at 5am.
A coach does not get paid to take care of a new mother, but in my experience, I often find that those in the woman’s particular fitness community know her better than anyone and know when shit is not right for her. Often times, her coach is the only one willing to get a meal tree going or actually call the mom to say, “hey, what can we do for you?”
I was blown away by the support that Coach Jen Shaw offers her women at Travis County Strength (and this is not a small group of women). Not only is she one of the brightest coaches (think smart training), but she goes above and beyond to make sure women in her community are taken care of, even if that means money out of her pocket. For women that reach out to me for a coach in Austin, I always refer Jen at Travis County Strength. And, after being exposed to the community, I will, without hesitation, continue to do so.

The fitness communities are where the support has to happen!

There are some fantastic midwives and doctors out there, but they are busy and cannot provide the support that women need. This support needs to happen during pregnancy and postpartum. If you own a gym, male or female, then I highly encourage you to take The BIRTHFIT Workshop. If you cannot get to a workshop, then download the eBooks, listen to our podcasts, set up a consultation, do whatever you can to EDUCATE yourself. Do not just guess or assume or pray that everything works out. Do not just substitute movements that the regular class is doing. BE BETTER than the average coach. Enhance this woman’s life and her movement patterns. Every pregnancy is different. Every postpartum journey is different. Use BIRTHFIT as a resource. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our site, then ASK US! We are here for you coaches as much as we are here for the mamas!


We are changing the game! Join us!


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