APRIL 2016: Postpartum Programming Day 8

Belly Breathing. Perform 20 inhales to a count of eight and exhales to a count of ten. Fill up your belly with fresh oxygen and completely exhale cleansing your body of stale air. We are invigorating the system utilizing fresh oxygen.

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Functional Progression Part 2- Modified. Slow and controlled, perform 25 reps on each side.

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Ninety-Ninety. Let’s explore more core and posterior chain activation. Push down through your legs to initiate movement and then lift hips as if a string were pulling you from your hips.

Perform 25 reps each side. 

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Conditioning. The idea of today’s “workout” is to stay moving. Try to do the movements back to back and reset between rounds.
10 Rounds 
4 Wall Angeles
8 Alternating Walking Lunges 
*Rest as needed. 

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Accessory. Odd object hold overhead. Pick a weird object. It can be anything. And hold above your head. Try 6 sets of 30 seconds.

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