BIRTHFIT HQ is Traveling to Austin, TX

BF TCS Workshop - Details in ATX
What is up?
This year is happening so fast. I’m having a blast with the online coaching for prenatal and postpartum. If you are part of that crew, I think you would agree that is is so much more than just working out. We discovering ourselves and evolving ourselves either for labor and delivery or as we lay down a solid foundation in the postpartum period. It is such soulful work and I’m loving being a part of each of your journeys.
I wanted to let all of you know that I will be in Austin, TX very soon! I will be there Sunday, April 24th for The BIRTHFIT Workshop at Travis County Strength (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) and then again for PaleoFX the whole Memorial Weekend.
I haven’t been to Austin since I was working there last June, so I’m stoked to be spending some time in one of my favorite cities. If you want to know more about BIRTHFIT, I’d suggest taking The BIRTHFIT Workshop. It’s only $99 for 4 hours of fun and information. This is ideal for those that coach pregnant or postpartum athletes and you, the pregnant athlete:) If you just want to stop by and give me a high-five, then come by the BIRTHFIT booth at PaleoFX about a month later.
I look forward to meeting you all!
BF PaleoFX 2015

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