April 2016: Prenatal Programming Day Four

Full Body, Joint Mobilization. Spend at least 10-20 reps in each of your major joints. You may feel some clicks and cracks as body parts move with each other.

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Wrist Mobility. Spend some extra time (3 Minutes) mobilizing your wrists today. You can use this movement at work while you take breaks.

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Downward Dog. Now, I do not do yoga on the regular. Once a week at a studio is pretty damn good for me. However, I will go through some vinyasa flows on my own at home in the mornings. You may be able to do that right now and it still feels good. Or you may not. That’s okay. Just use this movement to stretch out the calves and really open the shoulders up.
Take a few moments here. 


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Ninety-Ninety. We’ve done this once before. Think about squeezing your booty at the top and pulling hips through.
Perform 15 on each side. 

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Strength: Strict Press. This is a great movement to work on maintaining overhead strength. Pick a weight for this drill in which you could do 8-10 strict press reps comfortably. You can use a barbell from the rack, dumb bells from a box, or kettle bells. Totally whatever you feel comfortable with today.
Perform 9 x 3 Reps every 60 seconds 

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Conditioning: Mono-structural Mindset Training; Just Move. Pick something you can do comfortably at about 65-70% intensity and move for 20-45 minutes. For example, you can pull a sled for a mile with 45-75lbs behind you. That usually takes 20-30 minutes. You could row or run a 5K. Swimming and walking for 45 minutes tend to be favorites, especially as you round that corner of 30 weeks.

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Accessory Work. After the run, finish with 20 Wall Angels. Go at your own speed, no rush.

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  • Janee

    I worked out at home today. I really liked doing downward dog to stretch my tight calves. The strict press I did 55lbs and it felt pretty good. The coniditioning piece I did the airdyne for 30 min. I kept at about 45rpm so steady breathe, slight increase in heartrate and worked up a little sweat.

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