BIRTHFIT April 2016: Prenatal Group Coaching Day Three

How are we doing? Have we started to SLOW DOWN? More aware of your surroundings? Connecting with your breath? 


CHECK-IN. I need you to scan your body, breathe, and do a little check-in with yourself. Spend at least 5 minutes in the standing posture. Visualize roots reaching into the ground from your feet. You are grounding yourself and helping to create a solid foundation for your little one.
Incorporate this Chest Opener for about 2-5 minutes. 

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Functional Progression Part 2 Modified. Perform 25 reps on each side.
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Box Squats to a Box/Table/Chair. Please watch this video. This is included in the warm up because I want you to really thinking about that posterior chain. I want you to reach as far as you can with your booty when performing this movement. Perform 15 reps for 3 rounds, resting between as long as you need.

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Functional Progression 3- Abbreviated. Now, if you have Diastasis Recti (especially wider than 2 fingers), I’m going to need you to skip this one and/or be very aware that you are placing a bit of extra pressure/weight on that fascia in the front of your belly. All fours (Quadraped) is a really great position for labor, especially when you are having back labor, so I want you to be comfortable with this position, but also aware.
If you feel comfortable here, please perform 10 reps on each side with opposite leg and arm incorporating your breath. 

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Strength- Box Squats. For today, please make sure you feet are SUMO STANCE. Screw your feet into the ground by almost shifting your weight to the outside edges of your feet and your heels. Your shins remain vertical the whole movement. To initiate the movement send your booty back, as if you were reach with your booty. Sit, with control, establish posture. Then, to stand think about pulling your hips with your hamstrings (dig those heels into the ground). Squeeze your booty at the top.
Perform 12 x 2; Every 60 seconds.
Use a load that you could do at least 10 reps of at time. No, you are not doing that, but you want it that light. 2 Reps at a time for 12 sets, every 60 seconds.You want to be fast (or just not slow;)) out of the bottom of the squat. 

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CONDITIONING. Today’s workout is short and sweet. Pick a weight for the dumb bells that you can, without a doubt, perform 8 thrusters in a row. Same for the ball.
8 Dumb bell Thrusters
8 Overhead, Side-to-Side Ball Slams

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Accessory. Finish today with some bonus mobility.
Spend 2 minutes on the modified pigeon stretch below on each hip.

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Spend 3 minutes working on the bottom of the squat.

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4 comments to " BIRTHFIT April 2016: Prenatal Group Coaching Day Three "
  • Michelle Brooks

    Box squats were done at 85#. Was pretty light, but I focused on form and speed.
    Got 6 rounds of the conditioning in.

    Good to move after 2 days off!!

    • Lindsey Mathews

      These box squats are great to do after not moving for a few days. It really get the posterior chain firing again. Welcome back mama;)

  • Janee

    Offically 21weeks and 1 day lol. The stretches felt really good today really opened and woke my body up. The sumo stance box squat was cool to do. Ive never done it sumo stance before, i felt like I had so much power. I did the 12×2 at 85lbs, felt like I could have done way more so it was cool. The amrap i used 18lb kb for the thrusters and a 10lb med ball. I got 7 rounds felt good to het my heart rate up and consistently move during each round and rest a littlw after. I did do an extra stretch for my quads today, I have a problem of them tightening up so I did 2 min in the couch stretch. :) overall today felt great!

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