BIRTHFIT April 2016: Postpartum Programming Day 5

Let’s start with breathing! 

Supine Belly Breathing. I know I sound like that nagging mother or significant other, but seriously take time to breathe. Practicing and paying attention to your breath work is so nutritious to the way your whole being operates.
Lying on the ground, with knees bent and heels on the ground, inhale to fill up your belly with air. Nothing forced. Just allow the fresh oxygen space to enter your belly. Try to relax your shoulders and upper back and focus only on your belly. When you exhale, empty all the stale oxygen. Again, nothing forced, you are just moving oxygen in and out of your belly.
Perform 2 minutes or 30 breaths.


Wall Angel. Let’s get good at these together:) Perform a total of 30 reps today. No rush. Make each rep better than the one prior.

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Chest Opener. I know holding a baby and breastfeeding does not really enhance one’s posture. So, when you have a moment, let’s open the chest throughout the day. Perform this mobility drill for 60 seconds at least twice today. Then utilize it throughout your regular days as often as you need.

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Hip Articulations. This movement is designed to get some blood flow to those hips, which will help healing. Only move (articulate) from the hip joint. Try not to shift your body or hike your hip. Only go through the range of motion that you have available today.
Perform 5 Articulations on Each Side for 2 Sets. Rest as needed. 

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Functional Progress Part 2 Modified. We have not done this yet this week. Let’s really take the time to dial in our posture and the technique of this movement. Rest/Relax completely between each rep.
Perform 25 reps on each side. 

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Functional Progression Part 3. This is a new movement for us. Spend some time here. If you only incorporate the arms today, that is totally fine. Just make note of it.
Perform 10 Reps Each of Just the Arms.
Then, Perform 10 Reps Each of Opposite Arm and Opposite Leg.
Rest as needed between movements.

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That’s all for Wednesday! If you feel like going for a walk, then do so (20-40minutes). It is not required today. I’d like to encourage you to wear your baby as much as possible as that is a lot better for biomechanics of your body and baby’s body. See you Friday! XO!




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