BIRTHFIT April 2016: Group Prenatal Coaching Day One

Welcome to the BIRTHFIT Tribe! 

I’m super stoked that you have either decided to join us or continue your movement journey with us. Woohoo! Just a reminder that your level of participation is dependent upon you. I would make a solid effort to really be present for the time you allow yourself to train, at least for the next four weeks.
CHECK-IN. I need you to scan your body, breathe, and do a little check-in with yourself. You will quickly see that we do this often. It is important for us to get to know bodies. Our bodies are always changing so there is something to always learn. Spend at least 5 minutes in this standing posture. Visualize roots reaching into the ground from your feet. You are grounding yourself and helping to create a solid foundation for your little one.

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Functional Progression Part 2 Modified. If you have worked with us already, you know that we will wear you out with this movement and a few others. This is going to be one of your first postpartum movements, so understanding how to do it correctly now is crucial. Perform 25 reps on each side.

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Box Squats to a Box/Table/Chair. Please watch this video. This is included in the warm up because I want you to really thinking about that posterior chain. I want you to reach as far as you can with your booty when performing this movement. Perform 15 reps for 3 rounds, resting between as long as you need.

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STRENGTH. GOOD MORNING Variations- The good morning is great movement that we like to utilize either as a warm-up movement or an accessory movement or even as our main strength movement such as we are doing today. The most important thing to do is to establish your tall, proud chest posture before you initiate any movement.
4 Rounds: 25 Good Mornings w/ a different Object

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CONDITIONING. Today’s conditioning is tough. If your run looks more like a slow walk, then I would be sure to do one of the movements in the parentheses instead of the 400m run. Pick a weight for the Dumb Bell Push Press in which you can do 8-10 reps in a row comfortably. If you need more rest between efforts, then by all means take up to four minutes rest. If you only feeling like doing first round, then no problem at all. This workout is easily adaptable.

In 6 minutes complete the following:
40 Walking Lunges
400m Run (or 200m Walk/Run or 50 Double Unders or 100 Singles)
Max DB Push Press
-REST 2 minutes-

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BIRTH EDUCATION. I want you read this blog-CLICK HERE. Take out a journal and write. Your prompt is this- What if I told you there was no pain?


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7 comments to " BIRTHFIT April 2016: Group Prenatal Coaching Day One "
  • Michelle Brooks

    Yay, day 1 of month 2 done! I worked out Friday and Saturday as my first workouts in 1.5 weeks since being sick, so yesterday I was pretty sore. Yesterday was great for a rest day, though I kind of ate like crap so back on it today.
    Did good mornings at 35# for all 4 sets.

    Conditioning I did double unders. Was happy to have 37 unbroken in set 1 and 46 in set 2. Still got it! Didn’t feel the need to pee, so I guess the pelvic PT and chiro is helping. Totally winded from them though.

    Due to work schedule, won’t be training until Thursday, but it feels good to be back at it!

    Lindsey, any suggestions for mini “workouts” I can do at my desk/during the day on days I can’t train?

    • Lindsey Mathews

      Michelle! You are on it;) I would set a timer and get up every half hour or hour if you can. Your bladder may already be telling you to get up. I would do some of the box squats we did as warm up today. Use your chair or a bench outside. That way you keep posterior chain activated. There is a study out there (probably was 10 years ago now) that 20-30 minutes of sitting shuts down neural activity from brain to those booty muscles. So, even just something small like that where you are intentional about it can totally save you. I would also include some posture drills such as neck rolls or shoulder rolls backwards. And a 5-10 minute breathing break just for you!

      • Michelle Brooks

        Sounds great, I will definitely do that! And yes, my bladder alarm is pretty much every 30 minutes :)

  • Janee

    I used 35lb barbell for the good mornings. I have never done weight good mornings only banded so it was a little different. Thebfirst round I tried to do double unders i got to 46 before the timer went out. Im juat having a hard time getting the height I need, weighing 10 extra pounds is making that difficult. The 2nd round i did singles and was able to get 34 push press with 18lb kbs.

    • Lindsey Mathews

      Yes. Honestly, the jump is a little higher and more demanding for double unders. I get surprised when I see mamas doing them at 30 weeks plus but everyone is different and that’s why I try to provide a few options. Double unders will return; this is only temporary. Singles or walking are always a fine option and sometimes more comfortable:)

  • Candice Ford

    Wooow! At the beginning I foolishly thought it was going to be an easy session!! :)What a great start on the BirthFit program! I had to do the session at home on the terrace, so did double unders and BB Push Press. Thrilled with 59 & 45 PP respectively… although I am sure DBs would have been much tougher!
    Can’t wait give tomorrow sess a go!

    • Lindsey Mathews

      Great work! Yes, dumb bells can be a bit sneaky;) Just a reminder that we take Wednesdays off as a rest day, so if you missed Monday go back and do that one. We pick back up on Thursday and Friday. Rest, Recover, Recharge. Nourish your soul!

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