March 2016: BIRTHFIT Group Coaching Bonus

Belly Breathing. You can place your lower legs on top of something if you have swelling or if it’s just more comfortable.
Perform 20 Belly Breaths.
Rest. Stand up. Slowly, Crawl or Walk around.

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Functional Progression Part 1 & Part 2 Modified. 
By now, you should have these movements dialed- as in you know what you’re doing and feeling. If not, tune-in and get to know your body in relation to these movements.
Part 1- 25 Reps of Opposite Arm and Opposite Leg, Each Side
Part 2- 25 Reps Each Side

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Bench Press. Please make sure that your whole body is active on this movement. It’s okay if your lower spine has a bit of a curve to it as long as your glutes are on and you are driving through your heels with each rep. The bar should touch your body and on the way up you want to think like you are bending the bar apart by using only your upper back.

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Double Kettle Bell Clean and Press
*Unbroken rounds or you walk/jog/run 200m.


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2 comments to " March 2016: BIRTHFIT Group Coaching Bonus "
  • Janee

    Pretty good day. Did 75lbs for the bench. I use to have to play with my stance everytime i did it, but since ive gotten pregnant I have found my nitch. The conditioning piece I used 18lb kbs i wanted to use the 26lb kb but it was too heavier so I went with the 18lb kbs. I was able to do the rounds unbroken, although some of the higher rep ones i wanted to stop, but i pushed through.

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