March 2016: Postpartum Programming Day Two

We are going to build upon Day 1 today.
Whether you loved pregnancy or hated it, let’s face it. You remodeled the house. When you grow a baby inside you everything within is altered. Think of it as the messiest tenants that you have rented your home out to. There may be a hole in one wall, weeds in the back, and the worst paint job in the family room. No sweat. We know that consistency is our friend, and that practice means progress.
You will have ups and downs. You will hate some of the movements in four weeks. Promise. You may even hate us. BUT, stick with it. Show up. Do work. And, you will be a more evolved version of yourself in 4 weeks.
Day 2. Get what you came for. 
Supine Belly Breathing. Now, I like to start and finish my days with belly breathing. I also like to end my chiropractic care sessions with some belly breathing. To be able to access your diaphragm is one the most fundamental, primitive, basic human movements. You can breathe however you want to breathe in your daily life, but for right now, we are going to call on our diaphragm. Lying on the ground, with knees bent and heels on the ground, inhale to fill up your belly with air. Nothing forced. Just allow the fresh oxygen space to enter your belly. Try to relax your shoulders and upper back and focus only on your belly. When you exhale, empty all the stale oxygen. Again, nothing forced, you are just moving oxygen in and out of your belly.


Remember, there was once a baby living in there. The center of you, the core, used to be warm and bound tight. Now you may have somewhat of an empty feeling or like something is missing. And that’s completely normal. You changed, you evolved, you are a mother. Let’s cultivate that warm fire within your body through this breath work!

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Functional Progression Part 2. Let’s see how much our body remembers from day one. Remember to take your time and focus on HOW you are moving.
25 Reps Each Side

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Wall Angels. This movement focuses on the mid and upper back plus the shoulders. This movement is not only used as a shoulder exercise but also as a diagnostic tool to let us in on what kind of shape our upper body is in. After watching the video, you learn that I have very tight shoulders. This is something that I’ve had as long as I can remember but I make choices to help this situation. Part of my weekly chiropractic adjustments address the mid-back and shoulders, and I make sure to get a massage every two-three weeks, even if it’s just 30-minutes on my neck and shoulders. Let this exercise talk to you. Find out what kind your body is going through right now. Listen to your body!
20 Wall Angeles
20 Wall Angels
+For the Wall Angels, try to inhale before the movement or on the way up with your arms; And, exhale on the way with your arms.


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Shoulder Activation. This is to get the shoulders moving, the blood pumping, and introduce movement other than hunching over to hold baby. Set your posture and lift your chest. Every movement in this video is initiated from the shoulder joint- the glenuhumeral joint. Move and visualize yourself moving from that joint (not your wrists).
10 Reps of Every Movement.

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Overhead Plate Hold. If you had not noticed, today is more of an upper half / upper body focus. However, your CORE is still needed. Check in with your posture every chance you get. This is a great drill for posture and time under tension, which happens so often in life. Pick any object you want to hold overhead, maybe around 5-25lbs. Think about elbows locked out, shoulder joint stacked, chest lifted, and booty squeezed.
10 Rounds:
20 Second Overhead Object Hold
+Rest 20 Seconds

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Baby-Wearing Walk for 20 Minutes. I hear all types of excuses but there are far too many benefits for me not to include baby-wearing in a postpartum movement course. The number one reason is that it promotes bonding between baby and mom. The number two reason is that, when done correctly, enhances baby’s development- physical and non-physical. I say when done correctly because you want the baby in a semi-squat position. The baby’s knees should be even with or higher than their hips until they are walking. Baby should also be facing you and close enough to kiss:)
Baby-Wearing Walk for 20 Minutes.


Caitlin Baby Wearing



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