Rhea & Makai’s (TWIN) Birth Video

I’ve had the pleasure to get to know this family. Lindsey and Doug are rockstars and some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I cannot say enough good things about this family.

Watch Rhea & Makai’s (TWIN) birth!



[vc_video link=”https://vimeo.com/160532851″]



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  • Jaymarie

    I had the joy of seeing this beautiful video earlier today and shared the link with a couple of friends, but, sadly, it has now been removed.I would love to let the parents know that I applaud their choice to share their experience in this way and believe it can be an amazing tool for good in the world of birth.
    Peace and light to this sweet family.
    Jaymarie (Midwife, CPM – Wisconsin)

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