March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Bonus

Let’s start to wake the body up and get the blood moving. Row or bike for 5-10 minutes. 

Check in with your posture. Put on a favorite song and breathe! (The video says postpartum but it’s too good not to share). Do this for 5 minutes.

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When you are done breathing and meditating, I want you to start to warm up the core and posterior chain. Today’s focus is on the lower half. 

Functional Progression Part 2 MODIFIED. I want to spend some time dialing in this movement. As this will be super important for postpartum healing. Perform 25 reps on each side. Nice and slow and controlled.

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The standing pigeon stretch is a great modification to the general pigeon stretch that we may see in a yoga class. Spend 2 minutes on each side.

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The single leg kettle bell deadlift. Perform 3 x 10 each side. You can increase the weight with each set as we are still warming up.

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Today is back squat day. You have FIVE working sets of FIVE. Warm-up appropriately and take adequate rest between each set of FIVE. Only make lifts that you know that you can make!
Back Squats

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Everyone loves a chipper;) The following workout is long, so find a nice pace and just move. Pick a set of dumb bells for the front rack lunges that you could do about 20-25 in a row before needing a break. When you get to the air squats, practice your breathing and/or squat to something like a box. For the med ball slams, pick a weight (4-10lbs) that you can perform 10-14 reps before needing a break. The hang power clean can be done with a barbell or dumb bells. Pick a weight here that you can do 5-8 reps in a row before needing a break. Push-up modification should still allow you to go through the full range of motion.
Complete the following:
750m Row or 800m Run/Walk
50 Front Rack Dumb Bell Lunges
40 Air Squats 
30 Side to Side Med Ball Slams 
20 Hang Power Clean and Press 
10 Modified Push-Ups



Step 1: Perform 10 reps on each arm while keeping your legs in neutral and spine engaged.
Step 2: Perform 10 reps on each leg while keeping your arms in neutral and spine engaged.
Step 3: Perform 10 reps on each side with both the opposite arm and opposite leg.

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4 comments to " March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Bonus "
  • Janee

    Started the 5×5 back squat at 55lb forbtge first 2 rds then went up to 60.The chipper i got 17:33. I used 2 8lb kbs for the front rack lunges, 6lb med ball and 55lb barbell for the hang pc and press. Felt pretty good. I picked a good pace and made it through :)

  • Janee

    O one thing I did tinkle a little during the squats in the chipper. Im going to assume the muscles and stuff are being stretched. What can I do to help prevent from tinkling while working out?

    • Lindsey Mathews

      This is great information to know about your body. If you have a journal, jot this down. If you know when you tinkled, like what rep, write that down too. You may have reached your threshold for training for today, for this week, or just for right now. You did a number of things prior and I’m assuming your advancing quite nicely in your pregnancy;) Things are weighing you down, literally. The pelvic floor is having to work pretty hard right now. I would do some super intentional warm-ups that include booty exercises like banded good mornings or bulgarian split squats plus the modified functional progress part 2 (no leg movement). Even if you don’t train one day, move through 10-20 reps of some that stuff comfortably. That way you send blood flow and communicate via nerves to those muscles and being mindful that they may need to take it down a notch. Great question!

      • Janee

        Yea im 20wks. It happened on my second set of 10 at rep 5. I noticed if i did it super slow and controlled all the way down and up i was able to prevent the tinkling from happening as much. But i will definitely do the functional progression 2 more frequently and do some banded good mornings. Thanks!

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