March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Day 15

Today is going to be a higher volume lower extremity day. If you are not feeling 100%, then I would save this workout for tomorrow or this weekend sometime. Remember, you know YOU better than anyone in this world. And you know when you are feeling just a bit off. Take the day off. Go for a walk, watch a movie, play hooky. No big deal. Have fun!
But if you are moving with us today, turn on some Bill Withers, “Lovely Day”,  and start dancing around.

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Wrist Mobility 2 Minutes.

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Squat Therapy 2-5 minutes.

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Let’s wake up the deep core today via Functional Progression Part 1. This is very similar to what some may call a Dead Bug. Although Dr. Erica is calm and cool, she makes some very important statements. As Dr. Erica mentioned, it is just as critical to keep body parts still and aligned as it is to move body parts. Think of each rep as $100. These are not air squats where those might be $50 and not a second thought for some of us. These are double the price. Make each rep count. Set an intention, breathe, and move.


Functional Progression Part 1 
10 Reps Each Side

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Strength And Accessory Work 
You have the Death March for posterior chain work today. You can do this in whatever order you want. For instance, you can do two sets before your conditioning and two sets after your conditioning. Or, you can do it all before, or all after. Pick a weight that you feel you could move for 50′ before wanting a break. For myself, I’d probably use 25lbs dumb bells (On a good day I can squat 215-35 and deadlifts 305-320).
4 x 100′ Death March 



If you enjoy working that aerobic capacity, then today is for you! Your choice of run, row, walk. For those of you that swim, you can also swim. If you are around 32-35 weeks, get in a pool or a float tank and take a load off! The usual response I get after floating in water is usually, “AMAZING!”


One of you mentioned to me that you dabble in spin bikes and elliptical. Here’s my take on those machines…While they appear to serve an aerobic purpose, I feel, especially later in your pregnancy and early postpartum, that those machines/apparatuses are doing more harm than good to your musculoskeletal system. These do not set you, or anyone else, up in an ideal posture situation. They demand a lot out of the anterior chain but very little from the posterior chain while doing nothing at all for the position of the pelvis or your cervical spine. For my clients that take spinning classes 4-6 days a week, I encourage them to cut it to 2-3 classes a week starting around 32-33 weeks.


For time:
500m Row / 400m Run /200m Brisk Walk
Rest 1 minute
1k Row/ 800m Run / 400m Brisk Walk
Rest 2 minutes
1250 Row / 1200m Run / 600m Brisk Walk
Rest 3 minutes
2k Row/ 1600m Run / 800m Brisk Walk


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Accessory Work 

Spend time in a pose. We choose the triangle pose today. Take a few minutes. Breathe and make the uncomfortable comfortable.

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