March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Day 12


Get the blood moving.
Let’s start Monday with some full body joint mobilizations. Turn on some good music and start moving. Try to get 10-15 circles, rotations within each joint.
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Move on to some Air Squats and Cat/Cow.
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Movement, Mobility, and Activations 

Let’s spend some time opening the hips. Spend 1-2 minutes on each hip with the standing TRIANGLE POSE. Then, at least 3-5 minutes in the bottom of a squat for the oh-so-valuable Squat Therapy.
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Once your joints are feeling lubricated and the blood is pumping, move on to the functional progression part 2 and part 3. The goal is to warm up the deep core and posterior chain through this innate movement. Really check in with yourself and your physical body here.
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For today’s bench press training, use only a wide grip. Be sure to engage your whole body, and for training purposes, please keep your whole foot on the ground and drive through your heels. You should FEEL your mid back participating in this movement. Perform 3 reps and rest standing/walking around.
Bench Press
9 x 3
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For today’s workout, you will want to choose a push-up option that you can get a few reps but is still a little challenging. Same for the dumb bell (or kettle bell) front squats. Doable weights but still a bit of a challenge. Try to keep your tailbone lifted throughout the bear crawl and reach and pull with your heels during the crab walk. Have fun!
4 Rounds:
50′ Bear Crawl 
20 Elevated Push-Ups
50′ Crab Walk
20 Dumb Bell Front Squats 


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Bonus :) 

Common signs of labor…

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8 comments to " March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Day 12 "
  • Michelle Brooks

    Done Monday, March 21st. I’ve been struggling with insomnia and CTS over the past two weeks. Wanted to train yesterday but had zero energy. I work up with what is feeling like a chest cold, but I figured doing something and going very easy might help.
    Strength: Did back squats from day 11 at 35#. So light, but again, just wanted to move. Bench press done at 55#. Wanted to go heavier but thought better of it.

    Conditioning: 16.4. Did 95# from 8″ risers. Wallball subbed with 35# thrusters. Only got 15 calories into row. Chest was really hurting during row.

    Hoping to nap later this afternoon. Really hope the insomnia and CTS resolves itself soon!! Also feeling misaligned in my pelvis, but I get to see both my pelvic floor PT and chiro this week so I’m hoping that will help!

  • Janee

    I did this workout today. For the bench I did 65lbs. It felt really good I possibly could have gone heavier but I didnt want to push it.
    I also did the 10×8 backsquat with 55lbs the squats were a little difficult for me. I have always had a problem with a high rep back squat not sure why. I just get muscle fatigue.

    For the conditioning piece I did the 2k row and that was good.

    Yeaterday I was too tired to do anything, but today I had a bunch if energy and felt great!

    • Lindsey Mathews

      I’ve encountered a few people that have issues with high rep back squats, pregnant or not. I think you are right in that it has a lot to do with muscle fatigue. I believe it’s the deep/lower core and posterior chain. In the early postpartum period, I would really spend extra time and attention focusing on belly breathing and functional progression 2 without the kick. In our queen in training guide, you could spend two weeks doing their first four days multiple times.

      • Janee

        The fatigue that i feel is in my hip flexors and quads. Its that transitiin of coming up where it switches from hamstrings to quads that gets me.

        • Lindsey Mathews

          Got it. What do you do during most of your day? Sit/Stand/Walk?

          • Janee

            Mostly sutting i work at a doctors office. I do walk around a bit but most of my time is at a desk. I use to stand at my desk but since i got pregnant it really hurts my feet and ankles

          • Lindsey Mathews

            I hear you. Can you sit on a ball? or the edge of your chair (to make you sit up straight) for a few minutes here and there? Sounds like your hip flexors are overworked and underpaid/supported at the moment. Just bring some awareness to your posture while sitting and try to mix it up for now. And if you need to decrease the volume on some big squat days, not the end of the world. these are some of the little joys of pregnancy;)

  • Carla Nunes da Costa

    hello hello,
    I have been hyper quiet but have been do0ing this with you ladies.
    I am running behind because I was crazy tired on the first two weeks of the program and just wasnt ready to do anything other than work and long walks. oh yes and sleep.

    I did more reps on the bench press with 110 lbs. Didn´t feel like going heavy for those 3 reps. The bearcrawls were rough cos I went forward for 25 and backwards for the other.

    During the wod, I clearly underestimated myself in the squats… it should have been heavier.

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