March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Day 9

Warm-Up & Movement, Mobility, and Activations 

Let’s start Monday with some full body joint mobilizations. Turn on some good music and start moving. Try to get 10-15 circles, rotations within each joint.

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Let’s spend some time opening the hips. Spend 2-3 minutes on each hip with the Standing Pigeon Stretch. Then, at least 3-5 minutes in the bottom of a squat for the oh-so-valuable Squat Therapy.

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Once your joints are feeling lubricated and the blood is pumping a little, move on to the functional progression part 2. The goal is to warm up the deep core and posterior chain through this innate movement. Really check in with yourself and your physical body here.

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Today’s strength is the GOOD MORNING. I’m not even joking when I say PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE DOING THE MOVEMENT CORRECTLY. Too often, athletes lose the curve in their lower back and/or try to fold more than their hamstrings will allow. Listen to your body and when you FEEL YOUR HAMSTRINGS then stand up by squeezing your booty.

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Today’s conditioning should take around 7-15 minutes depending on load and rowing. The hang power clean can be done with dumb bells or a barbell. You want the weight to be medium-heavy or a weight that you could do about 8-10 reps in a row before needing a little break.
Complete the following:
21 Hang Power Cleans
500m Row / 400m Run / 200m Walk
15 Hang Power Cleans
750m Row/ 600m Run/ 400m Walk
9 Hang Power Cleans
1k Row/ 800m Run/ 600m Walk


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8 comments to " March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Coaching Day 9 "
  • Kelsey

    What’s the rep scheme for the Good Mornings? Sets of 10 like she mentioned in the videos? Or did I miss something else?

  • Kelsey

    Complete! Today just felt good!
    The function progression part 2 finally clicked!

    I wasn’t sure on the rep scheme for the Good Mornings, so I did 5 * 10 with the 35# bar and rested 60 seconds inbetween.

    It took me 17:07 on the conditioning, but since I’m still getting back at it, I did the rows at a comfortable pace. Used 65# for the hang clean. Went 7/7/7 , 8/7, and 9 for the reps.

  • Michelle Brooks

    Totally to forgot to log my last weeks last two workouts but they were done!
    Did this March 16. Mobilization felt glorious. I’ve been waking up with my hands asleep…hoping it’s not the start of carpal tunnel :( pigeon stretch also was awesome.
    Hubby was using the squat rack so instead of barbell good mornings I used a thick green band. Did 5 sets of 10.
    Conditioning was 15:19. I used65# for the hpc. Was having difficulty breathing since my nose was super stuffy. Guess allergy season is starting!
    Finished off with 5 sets of 3 strict pullups! ????

  • Janee

    I was wondering about the birth plan attachments you were speaking about in the video. Will we be able to have access to those?

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