March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Group Coaching Day 4

Posture and Breath Awareness

Check-in with yourself. Use this as an opportunity to deepen your bond with baby.

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Movement / Mobility / Activations

Be sure to include the Functional Progression (10 of Each) in your warm-up routine.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Today is an upper body/extremity focus day. Be sure to get shoulders and mid back mobile and warm.
Chest Opener– 2 Minutes


Shoulder Activations. Use 10-20 reps for each movement in the video.

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Skill / Strength 

We worked on the bench press two days ago. So, today we are focusing on gymnastic movements for the upper body.
Strict Pull-ups
+Use bands for both movements.
+Choose a band on scaling option in which you could do the set of 5 all together or in two sets.
+If pull-ups are not in the cards for you, then do RING ROWS.

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Today’s focus is a mono-structural conditioning day. Pick one of the movements/activities below. The idea is to move at about 50-70% of your intensity and find an almost meditative pace. For the sled pull, this must be a WALK with the weight dragging behind you.

2k Row

20 Min Swim

30 Minute Jog

1 Mile Sled Pull (25-60lbs)

45 Minute Walk

Accessory Work 

3 x 12 Dumb Bell Roll Backs


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4 comments to " March 2016: BIRTHFIT Online Group Coaching Day 4 "
  • Michelle Brooks

    This was a good, challenging workout today.
    For the dips, I used a purple band for all sets. For pullups, I used chin up grip and used a red band for all but 2 reps, except for the first “2” set and the “1” set. Did unbanded first, then added the band to complete the set.

    First I did my modified version of 16.2. 3 rounds of 4 min cap with 2 min rest:
    25 russian kettlebell swings, 1p (this was tough on my hammies from the prior day workout)
    50 double unders
    12 front squats at 65#

    All RKBS were unbroken, first and third double under sets were unbroken. And I didn’t pee myself, so that was good.
    Good burner of a workout.

    2k row: 10:24

    Accessory: dumbbell rollback at 5# per hand. Wow this were harder than I would have thought! Cool movement though.

  • Janee

    Im a little behind on the workouts. I had a lot going on, my husband left for a 15 month deployment so getting to the gym has been a little hard. Im in a better mund set and back in the gym.
    Pull ups have gotten hard because u started to bulk before I got pregnant and then ive gauned 4lbs aince being pregnant, so i cant do unassisted anymore. I used a band for the pull ups and then a thinner one for the dips. I did the 2k row in 11:03. Since getting pregnant my cardio uant what it use to be. Im 10 elseconds slower on my 500m row. I used 5lb dbs for the roll backs.

    • Lindsey Mathews

      All good. I was just talking to someone else this week about not doing all the workouts. Sometimes, two or three super solid training days is what feels really good with your body. And you have to meet your body where it’s at on a given day:) Pull-ups with bands are a hell yea. Working on strict pull-ups like this is just brilliant, especially right now. 50-10lbs are pretty standard for the dumb bell roll backs. Usually athletes can increase weight on that movement in about 2-4 weeks. It is super tough but oh so good!

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