March 2016: Online Group Coaching Day 3

Warm-Up plus Movement / Mobility 

Warm-up on your own with some that gets your blood pumping. Think about rowing for 5 minutes or jogging or even biking for 5 minutes.
Today we will focus on Functional Progression 2.
Perform 10 reps of just the side plank portion on each side. Then, if that feels stable, perform 10 reps on each side with the kick through.
Really think about pushing bottom knee and foot into the ground to activate glute muscles. Stack your pelvis (make sure it’s in line). And, brace your belly with each movement. The kick through should only be done if the side plank portion feels stable for 10 reps. The kick is like kicking a soccer ball not a bicycle kick.
++ If you have diastasis recti, please remember this exercise as you will do in place of push-ups and a few other movements. This movement is key! ++

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Downward Dog is great for a little decompression, stretch of the back of the legs, and to get baby off of sacrum for a bit. Only spend about 15 to 20 seconds in downward dog and then come down to all fours or happy baby to rest. Perform 8 to 10 Downward Dog poses. And again, if you have diastasis recti, please avoid the plank position as that puts a lot of stress on the front of the belly where that fascia is trying to be strong and hold together.

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Good Mornings are a great posterior chain activator as well as a strength exercise that we will do at some point. Please make sure your spine stays active and engaged plus you can feel your hamstrings at tension when at the bottom of the movement.

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Strength / Skill 

The deadlift is one of my favorite posterior chain movements. You must be intentional with movement and think about pushing the earth away from you through your whole foot.

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Warm-up with at least 10 reps at an empty barbell. Then, another set of 10 with a little weight added. And finally, a set of 8 with a little more weight. When you start the set of 5, you might be around 70% of your 1 RM if you know that stat.
++ How should you approach heavy singles? ++

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Today’s Conditioning 

Double KB Swings (15lbs-35lbs each)
Box Jumps or Box Step-Ups (20 inches)
-REST 5 minutes-
 Walking Lunges
Double KB Push Press
This workout has two parts. Most of us are familiar with the 21-15-9 rep scheme. If not, you perform 21 reps of the first movement and then 21 reps of the second movement. Then, you move on to 15 and 15 and so on. You have a full 5 minutes to rest between both sections. Take it and embrace it. Do not start early. The idea is to turn up your intensity in both sections to about 80% and work hard.
Pick a weight for the double kettle bells that are the same and that you could possibly perform about 10-12 reps in a row without taking a break. During the workout you can break up the set of 21 or 15 or 9 however you’d like but the idea is to get each section done in one or two sets, which is why I say that about the weight. Usually intermediate athletes choose kettle bells that are between 15-26lbs and a little more advanced athletes choose 35-44lbs. Remember, it is your call. You will use the same set of kettle bells for the Push Press in the second portion.
If you are an advanced athlete, you can choose to push yourself a little more by adding the double kettle bells to your lunges for either front rack lunges or overhead lunges.

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Accessory Work 

Spend 15 minutes on SQUAT THERAPY.
It is our goal that all women be able to sit in the bottom of a squat for 10 minutes comfortably. Everyone has to start somewhere;)

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3 comments to " March 2016: Online Group Coaching Day 3 "
  • Michelle Brooks

    I’ll be doing this workout Saturday. I only have single kettlebells, but I have a heavy one at 1.5p. Ok to just use that in place of the double swings? I have a set of 30# DB’s I can use for the push press.

    • Lindsey Mathews

      Yes. One KB is totally fine as long as you are not compromising movement pattern due to a growing bump:) All good on the DBs!

  • Michelle Brooks

    Started with 5 min on the rower.
    Deadlifts: 5-3-1-1-1-3-5, 125, 155, 175, 185, 195, 165, 135. Felt good and strong

    Conditioning 1: done with russian kb at 1.5p and box step ups, 4:41
    Conditioning 2: done with 15# dumbbells, 3:40

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