BIRTHFIT Salt Lake City: Meet Randi & Taylor!

BIRTHFIT SLC– Taylor and Randi- will be at the Empowering Fearless Birth event this Saturday in Sandy, Utah.

 BIRTHFIT SLC- Empowering Fearless Birth Event

I am Randi

I am a mother to a rambunctious son and wife to an incredible husband.

Health and fitness is part of my everyday life and has been since I was a child.

I am a certified personal trainer and Crossfit Level 1 coach.

I love helping others transform both mentally and physically and reach goals they might not have thought possible.

I hope to lead a life empowering and inspiring other women to help make positive choices for themselves through exercise, nutrition and education.

Movement is life!

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I am Taylor Richards-Lindsay

I am a wife to my collegiate football crush and mother of 2 insanely beautiful and saucy girls and my sweet Mini Schnauzer.

I played basketball in college for USU, and I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. From an early age I have always wanted to teach, nurture, and make a difference.

I am a people person and I love connecting. I am all about moving, living an active lifestyle, and creating memories.

I am a CrossFit Coach and 2x CrossFit Games Champion with Team HacksPack Ute! (Nursing in between events, during ice baths, and at athlete briefings has kind of been my thing.)

I am a DONA Doula in training and still cry every time I see the birth of a child.

Birth has been the most empowering moment in my life and I know that I was created to be a mother.

I want women to know that they can have a healthy, happy, and fearless birth and that it is all about preparation.

I know that there is no perfect birth, but birthing a child is perfectly normal and I want to support women in finding their voice and trusting their bodies.

I am passionate about Fitness, Family, Fun, Friendships, and Fetuses!

I was lucky enough to cross paths with Dr. Lindsey Mathews (founder of BIRTHFIT movement) many years ago as a competitive CrossFit athlete. She has helped me in ways with both pregnancies that not only allowed me to recover safely and return to an elite level of competition, but she really spoke to my soul. I knew I had to be a part of something that empowered women to trust their bodies, strengthen their mindset, and be a total rockstar of a mother!
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