BIRTHFIT Kansas City: Dr. Amanda Gets Personal

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I joined the BIRTHFIT movement because I had two very different pregnancy/postpartum experiences.

With my first child, I was just finishing up my basic science courses for chiropractic school and getting ready to take Part I of National Boards. That meant I had a ton of classes and stress. I didn’t make time to take care of myself. I was stress eating and studying all the time. I hardly exercised. After my birth, I struggled with the baby blues and negative body image. That is when I decided to change my life.

I changed my diet, eating a whole food diet. I changed my workouts and started doing CrossFit workouts in my garage gym with my husband . I started feeling awesome and proud of what I had accomplished. Soon enough, I got pregnant with my second child. I was still in chiropractic school, but I was just finishing up my requirements in clinic, which meant I wasn’t super stressed and I had more time to keep up with my workouts.

I was running and lifting well into my second trimester when one of my clinicians at school told me that I shouldn’t be doing the workouts that I was doing. With the lack of information readily available to me, I slowed down my workouts and completely stopped around 28 weeks. After my birth, I was anxious to get back to working out. I did not feel any symptoms of postpartum depression this time. Physically, I felt ready to get back into running and light weightlifting around 4 weeks postpartum. I contribute being active through most of my pregnancy to my quick recovery both physically and mentally.

Fast forward to now, my main fitness goal is to get strong. Recently, I started doing a weightlifting program coupled with CrossFit to increase my strength while maintaining my endurance. About 3 weeks into my new program, I got another positive pregnancy test. I was excited to be pregnant again, but disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to continue my strength training. This inspired me to look for research about pregnancy and fitness. Could I continue what I was doing? I found BIRTHFIT through social media and loved what I saw. I knew that if I was out there looking for answers, there had to be others. I discovered the BIRTHFIT Affiliate program and knew that was something I wanted to do. I applied, interviewed, and got accepted.

So, here we are. I am one half of BIRTHFIT Kansas City and I’m expecting baby #3!

I want to be a leader for women. I want women to choose to be active throughout their pregnancy and empowered to make movement a part of their postpartum routine. I want new moms to feel AMAZING!


Amanda Waters, DC
BIRTHFIT Kansas City


BIRTHFIT Kansas City- Amanda Waters




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  • Sally Riley

    I am President of Doulas of Greater Kansas City. I am updating a list of postpartum doulas and was given birth fit as a resource for a postpartum doula. Please contact me if this is correct.

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