BIRTHFIT Kansas City: The Power of She.


It was not long ago that women felt called to help other women, not only in the prenatal process, but the labor, postpartum, and growth and development of her child or children. Woman was more than a gender, it was a community, a power unlike any other, a love and understanding only known to the She. Motherhood was a birthright worshipped and adorned. Sadly, these ideas, gifts, and rights of passage have been covered, lost and forgotten, replaced with fear and myths.
As a birth and postpartum doula and sports medicine provider of the Kansas City community I see too often women ready, eager to break free of the societal shackles, but a healthcare system resistant to change, afraid of what might be. To me, BIRTHFIT is the earthquake that has cracked open the shell covering the beauty of the female divinity, getting back what was lost, removing fears and myths, creating courage and reassurance in our Goddess powers, and bringing woman back together as One. BIRTHFIT is a movement, empowerment, strength. It is Woman. It is the power of She.
-Chelsea Craig
BIRTHFIT Kansas City
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I am Chelsea Craig. 
I am a birth and postpartum doula.
I am a certified athletic trainer with my Masters Degree in kinesiology and behavioral sciences.
I am passionate about empowering women to find their inner Goddess.
I choose to be remembered for creating awesomeness everywhere I go.
I am a mama to a wanderlust little boy and wife to my best friend.
To me, BIRTHFIT is a movement, empowerment, strength, community.
It is the power of the She that all of us women are privilege to.
It is Woman. I am woman. I am She.



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