BIRTHFIT Chicago: Meet Dr. Gina Sirchio-Lotus, DC, CCN

A BIRTHFIT Woman Applies a Modern Approach to a Sacred Process


This is something I keep writing and then re-writing over and over.  The problem is birth in the United States.

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When I write something about birth, I get angry, and I sound bitter, and that is the issue.  I am not an angry person and especially in regard to birth itself.  BIRTH IS AMAZING.


I have had four babies. I am not bitter about them at all. But the system…it’s just so BROKEN.


Let’s discuss. I want you to know WHY I am an angry and at WHAT; then I want you to know who it harms (SPOILER ALERT- the answer is EVERYONE); finally, I want to offer my personal opinion in the form of a solution.  This is the warm and fuzzy part and so please, hang on! Stick with me!


Birth is sacred.  Sacred as in, “worthy of or regarded with reverence, awe, or respect,” as suggested by the British Dictionary.  You don’t have to be a religious person, or any specific religion as this sacred birth is non-denominational. Sometimes, it’s even pagan sacred. Birth is transformative. No one can stop that.  It turns a woman into a mother.  Birth allows for a baby to breathe in air where moments prior they lived off the mother.


Problems begin when people…doctors, nurses, media, movies, politicians…forget or ignore that birth is a natural, intimate, and sacred process.  It deserves our utmost respect.


Right now, the system mandates the type of medical care given to most mothers-to-be. This is based upon financial returns and not maternal/fetal health. As a result, we one of the highest maternal mortality rates.  When mothers-to-be are only given partial bits of information and told to sign on the dotted line, that is NOT Informed Consent. (Informed Consent presents the risks and benefits, the yes and the no path, plus what happens if you do nothing).  When mothers are told all kinds of misconceptions or personal opinions (your baby might be big, or small; your pelvis might be too small; you look exhausted), mom-to-be is pushed to the edge of the FEAR cliff when she is feeling her most vulnerable.


And, the cherry on top, “Why would you risk your baby’s life?”


You know who says stuff like that? A not nice person (or as Lindsey would say, “a dick head).   If baby’s life is TRULY at risk, there is no time for anyone’s opinion.  Based on my experience, I could go on for hours, but you get the idea. No one deserves to be belittled, discouraged, or intimated during their most vulnerable.


Allow women space to be courageous!


This harms us all.  It devalues a woman’s self worth as a mother.  Her sacred space was violated and disrespected while she was vulnerable and exposed. The partner is often left unsure what to do or with a huge doubt that he or she is of no use or help. Baby enters into a fear based, chaos driven environment.


Then enter postpartum. Mom should be happy she got a healthy baby, right? There is so, so, so much more my friends.


THIS, THIS, THIS is why I am so pumped about BIRTHFIT!


We could scream and shout at the hospitals day and night, but without handfuls of millions of dollars, not an eye would be batted.  (Because Big Pharma controls the Hospitals, Insurance, and Congress).


We are the GRASSROOTS Movement! We go straight to the mom and it is her choice whether she rides the BIRTHFIT wave or not.  But, I will tell you. It is a very real, informative, no bullshit wave of information and empowerment.


An educated BIRTHFIT mom will ask questions.  She is confident and sure of herself. This BIRTHFIT mom has the entire BIRTHFIT Community behind her, supporting her. A BIRTHFIT Mom is educated and empowered to make choices daily that will enhance her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. A BIRTHFIT mom understands that there are no consequence-free choices. We make solid decisions based on sound information.


As a result, these babies are born into a more confident, calm, empowered environment. The transition into the mother identity is smoother and recovery of mom’s physical body is slow and purposeful in the postpartum period. A BIRTHFIT mom embraces the sacredness of birth with a modern approach. Our next generation will respect the birth process and allow space for birth to unfold as nature intended.



Dr. Gina Sirchio-Lotus, DC


Le Grange Institute of Health

Certified Clinical Nutritionist


Mom of Four

P (312)255-8810    F (312) 846-6817



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