Meet Your 2016 BIRTHFIT Affiliate Team

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Each year during the holidays, our BIRTHFIT HQ team sifts through applications in hopes of finding the next BIRTHFIT Affiliates. Two years and counting!
This past December we had a record number of applications. I’m not even kidding when I say that people are pumped about the BIRTHFIT movement. I can’t blame them because it fires me up too;) Many women and men lead a BIRTHFIT lifestyle in which their daily choices are around fitness, nutrition, chiropractic, and mindset practices. A special few lead from the front, have certain qualifications, and just have that spark about them in which I know they will represent BIRTHFIT to the fullest of their capabilities.
The BIRTHFIT Affiliate Team is now 23 strong. We are a team of chiropractors, mothers, athletes, weightlifters, coaches, doulas, and educators. We are a team that is making sh*t happen!
So, how do you find a BIRTHFIT Affiliate? Simple. Go to our website. Go to SERVICES. Scroll down to AFFILIATES. Click on FIND AN AFFILIATE.
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+++ If for some reason you missed out on this year’s affiliate application, please CLICK HERE for more details. Get your stuff together and send in by December 1, 2016 to be considered for next year.


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