True or True- Your Thoughts Determine Your Reality?

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Fight or Flight 

It is a CHOICE.
The adaptation is short term.
Survival and safety are the goals.
Stress hormones are automatic.
Blood pressure rises.
Pulse rate increases.
Energy expenditure is peaking.
There is a demand.
Which path do you choose? 
Your soul chooses- Sympathetic or ParaSympathetic.
Subconscious YOU will produce to meet demand.
Conscious YOU has trained subconscious YOU. 
The demand- person, place, thing, idea.
Your thoughts are your perspective.
Your perspective influences your decisions.
Your decisions influence your behavior.
Your behavior determines your reality.
True or True? Your thoughts determine your reality.
Find flow. Practice flow. Live in flow.
Flow is YOU.
It is your energy, your way of being.
Let go and let flow.
-Lindsey Mathews, DC



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