Birth Plans- Yes or No?

In the past two weeks, I’ve attended three births, made five postpartum home visits, and taught two birth education classes. The end of January has been a magical one for the birth world.
In The BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series we approach the idea of birth plans a little differently. In fact, I want to share with you what we do.

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From this video, I hope you gathered that we do some investigative work into the couple’s birth philosophy, then see if they are on the right path with their care providers, and then we make preference sheets based on where they are having baby and with what type of care provider. The environment that you are choosing to have your baby in dictates a lot more than you realize.

Here are the worksheets I promised in the video:


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 4.38.46 PM


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 4.38.10 PM


Take these worksheets and use them for yourself. Understand that your birth philosophy may not line up with your doctor or midwife and that’s okay. However, make a change or accept that path. Often times women are left with regret, sadness, and what ifs because their expectations did not match the routine practices of the hospital or birth center. Get to know yourself and your desires and stand up for you!





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