What is the Meaning of Queen-in-Training?

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Behind “Queen-in-Training”


Ever wonder why we call our Postpartum Training Program “Queen-in-Training?” This is actually a VERY intentional title and the explanation may blow your mind.

The distinction of Princess, Queen, and Queen-in-Training comes from Marc David and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. These 3 archetypes (universal and timeless energies) encompass the normal maturation process for women. Every woman passes through these stages and each stage contains very important soul lessons. Let’s break them down:


Princess (ages 0-30)

We LOVE our princesses. They are young, beautiful, and fertile. For a woman in her princess, she needs to be encouraged, affirmed, and protected. Oftentimes, her beauty and her body are her ticket to ensuring these needs are met. Most women of childbearing age are archetypal princesses. Collectively, we experience suffering and disconnection when women get stuck in their princess and struggle to advance into the queen archetypes. Unfortunately, this is becoming a common reality. As a society, we suffer from princess envy and we want ALL of our women to be princesses. This is evident in Hollywood where the leading lady is sometimes 20+ years younger than her male counterpart.

In BIRTHFIT, this archetypal dimension is most relevant to the postpartum princess. We see a strong sense of urgency for these women to get their pre-baby bodies back. Oftentimes, this leaves them frustrated, tired, and disempowered. Within the commitment that you have the most empowered pregnancy and postpartum journey, BIRTHFIT recommends stepping into the Queen-in-Training archetype as a dedicated practice during the 4th trimester.


Queen-in-Training (ages 30-40)

A queen-in-training is in the process of cultivating her queen. Unlike the princess, she needs less affirmation, negative self-talk loses its zing, and she’s in the practice of compassion, flow, and gratitude. She recognizes that every thought and action has a positive intention (whether or not the act or the outcome are inherently positive). When the positive intention yields a negative, disempowered result, she can see this as feedback (not failure) and take a new action.


Queen (ages 40+)

A Queen is strong, empowered, and fully self-expressed. Her presence extends beyond her beauty and her body. She serves the people around her and makes a huge impact in her relationships, organizations, and society. She doesn’t waste her life force worried about the number on the scale because she understands that her body is a reflection of her self-expression.


Who are the queens in your life?
Are you willing to try on a Queen-in-Training practice during your BIRTHFIT journey?



Sending you so much love!
–Melissa Hemphill, BIRTHFIT Florida
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